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The Symbolism of Laughing in a Dream
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The dreambooks sometimes give ambiguous interpretation of laughter in night plots. Such a dream can predict luck, success and positive changes or warn about sadness, disappointment and separation. All your beginnings will go smoothly bringing great results.

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If a young girl to see a sincere, contagiously laughing guy in a dream means: he is interested in her; the young man will want to know her closer. If you were laughing in your dream, you can be expecting luck in business and reliable companions. Feeling joy and happiness is a favorable sign predicting smooth days and end of troubles; it will become easier for you to live and work.

Crying and laughing at the same time in a dream is a symbol of major life changes.

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If you felt positive emotions after you woke up, the changes will be good. Sleep-laughing is known as hypnogely, according to a small study referenced by the National Institutes of Health. A total of 10 patients observed while sleeping experienced hypnogely, with nine laughing during rapid eye movement REM , the early sleep stage when dreams occur.

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The study authors noted that in a minority of cases, sleep-laughing may point to neurological disorders affecting the central nervous system. In these patients, the sense of mirth is absent while sleep-laughing. Laughing or crying outbursts out of proportion to the triggering event could be the result of a brain injury or serious underlying condition. Episodes of uncontrollable laughing or giggling — known as gelastic seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation — may also be a symptom of another serious but rare tumor known as the hyphothalamic hamartomas, or HH.

The condition affects 1 out of , children and teenagers worldwide.

Songwriting Series Part III: Laugh, Think, Cry - Paul Wrock

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Sleep Health. Is Sleep Crying Real Crying? Nightmares: Most people have nightmares from time to time, and they only need treatment or intervention when they are so extreme that they lead to intense anxiety and interfere with the ability to sleep. Sleep Terrors: This is a more serious condition that involves a sense of terrifying fear unattached to a dream. The sense of fear sets in before the REM stage of sleep, and the sufferer will often scream, cry, thrash around, or even get up and run around as if trying to escape.

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Dream Crying: In most cases, this term refers to crying real tears while immersed in a dream. This occurs when the emotion experienced during the dream is so intense that it feels real. If you have ever awoken from a dream and had to take a few minutes to reassure yourself that it was in fact a dream, you know how realistic a dream can feel.