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Consult again with the RV renovator team to make a renovation. However, if you have a lot of free time, it would not hurt you to do your own renovations in harmony with you. But you must be careful to do it. Do not let you misstep in making your own RV reshuffle so that it causes fatal errors that will make everything become problematic. In this article, we have searched and will share with you how you will remodel your RV bedroom. All of us complete with images before and after. Please browse the RV Bedroom collection below.

Whatever you will do on your RV bedroom must be very functional, naturally, but other than that, it should be light, because there is no point in weighing down your caravan. As far as remodeling tips go. We would both say to plan out your entire project before making your first purchase. Obviously, you have to plan for bumps in the road no pun intended!

They travel with their two children and dog, Lucky. They love to snowboard, ski, hike, and explore new places! Their colorful RV remodel includes unique ways to add texture to the walls. We love all the beautiful places around the country. Breckenridge, CO is our favorite place to visit in the winter and Utah is one of our favorites in the summer.

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But connecting with friends and making new friends is what really makes this lifestyle special. I used a water-based paint and diluted it to get a more opaque effect and sanded it a bit to get a more rustic effect. The head board was a bit more involved. I started with thin plywood strips. Painted it a base color gray. Then smeared a thin film of Vaseline on it, so only certain spots were covered. Then painted again with a variety of color tones over the Vaseline and let it dry. To get the different color tones, I just added more or less white or black paint.

Also used some dark blue. Last step was to wipe off the painted Vaseline: only the spots where there was no Vaseline kept the different color tones.

This gives it the rustic look. The strips of plywood were glued on a big plywood board using liquid nails and just screwed the whole thing to the wall.


For RV renovation inspiration and check out Clementine on Pinterest. Megan and Drikus met when they were 15 and got married in They were both born in South Africa but have called Australia their home for the past 8 years. Recently this adventurous couple spent 6 months road tripping through the United States in their stylish contemporary remodeled fifth wheel!

You never feel unsettled or out of place because your possessions and luxuries are with you all the time.

We love the fact that we made our RV our own. Coming all the way from Australia, we were worried that we might get homesick. We did a lot of research for our remodel, and did a lot of reading on other remodels similar to what we wanted to do. Three tips for a successful remodel would be the following:. Jenn, Brent, and their two children hit the road in their RV in October What was intended to be a one year adventure turned into a lifestyle and has taken them to 49 states.

They now have three boys and another child on the way. Their second unit, which they called the Millennium Cedar, was home for over 2 years and will always have a special place in their hearts. They spent weeks painting, sewing, and remodeling the Millennium Cedar to make their beloved house on wheels a wonderful place to call home. Both Brent and I grew up going on RV trips and knew we wanted to do the same thing with our family.

Useful renter guides, incredible owner stories & super cool rigs

We love so many things about RVing. The time we spend together, the places we visit, and the people we meet are all things that make RVing fun. My own bed…enough said! We saved a lot by simply recovering the couch and dinette with new fabric that I found on sale I also shopped around to find a good price on reupholstering. Not only is it expensive to buy all new furniture, it can be tricky to find new furniture that will fit well in the spaces.

A lot of people have remnants left over from home projects that they want to get rid of for cheap. A lot of people are worried about painting the walls. Our paint held up wonderfully the entire two years we lived in the RV. What about resale you ask?

Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

The first people who looked at our RV bought it. For more of our RV remodeling pictures check out their blog Newschool Nomads. What kind of paint can you use for the interior walls of a fifth wheel? From Michigan, and it gets pretty cold in the winter and our fifth wheel is outside and covered.

Our RV Renovation - Hudson and Emily

Because I was covering wood paneling I did first use the primer by Bulls eye. We also installed a PressurePro system , which shows us the pressure of each of our individual tires. Not only is this convenient, but it keeps us safe on the road. And thankfully the previous owner installed new tires right before selling the RV to us. The kitchen is a great example of something that was in good condition, but looked outdated.

RV REMODEL - Fulltime RVing Couple 2+ Years

In addition to the speckled tan walls, there was a strip of wallpaper that was really not our style. I love the look of backsplash and had heard of peel and stick backsplash options for RVs, but the ones I saw were made of a thin plastic that looked fake. One of our goals for the renovation was to think of items that we would want in our home anyway, and bring them to our RV. In doing some research about high quality backsplash, I came across Mineral Tiles.

19 Top RV Bedroom Remodel With Before and After Pictures

I loveee their DIY peel and stick backsplash because it works exactly like the other types, but looks so much more real — because it is! The subway glass mosaic tiles we ordered are made of real glass, and it so beautiful.

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I love how the grout puts an additional accent element in the motorhome, and complements our stainless steel appliances well. We replaced the old microwave with an RVupgrades Contoure convection microwave , which I am so thankful for. Having a more modern version is much better — plus, the fact that it also serves as a convection oven has helped us save money in propane costs what the main oven runs off of.

We also replaced the faucet with a new satin nickel faucet and it was one of those small changes that made a really big difference. It has really helped us stay organized instead of piling dishes in the sink. But what has helped us stay the most organized is OrganizeMyDrawer. For example, our silverware drawer is super long and there would have been no standard drawer organizer that would have fit into this space, but with OrganizeMyDrawer. This organizer makes it super easy to access the silverware, and keeps it from all ending up in a pile when we drive. We were so excited about using these for our drawers that we tried one for our dishes cabinet, and it works great.

Another example of us using in our renovation items that we would want in our home anyway is spotlights. They bring an element of safety to a home, and create such peace of mind.