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For Iana, it was better than Kiev. He'd told her they would get married. He would give her a ring. A house. A future. When Olga arrived, Blake set her up in a nearby apartment. On May 3, Olga's 60th birthday, her granddaughter, Diana, was born.

Recipes for a Happy (if Disorderly) Life

Friends of Braun say they believe it was mutual, that Blake was in love with Kasian. When Iana complained, Blake told her to go to her mother's place. She would stay there for a night or two, then return, and the fighting would resume. He continued to smoke pot, filling the apartment with the fumes.

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Friends of Braun's say she told them the tasering threw him into a "psychotically angry state of mind. It was around a. She spotted a couple nearby, fighting. A young, dark-haired woman with an Eastern European accent seemed distraught, and her partner, a sloppily dressed man with a hat and curly hair, was yelling as she walked away. The man took out his phone. This was, quite possibly, the last public sighting of Kasian alive. Her mother, Olga, who hadn't heard from her, was already concerned.

The day before, she had convinced an L. County Sheriff's deputy to accompany her to the Holloway condo that her daughter shared with Blake, but they couldn't get in and left. Olga then filed a missing person's report. The police returned to the condo the next day. This time, they broke through the front door and moved slowly down a central hallway, clearing rooms, searching for Kasian. When they arrived at the bedroom on the building's far northwest corner, they found the door shut and locked.

They announced themselves, then tried kicking in the door, but it wouldn't budge. Someone had braced furniture against it. A man inside shouted at them. Eventually, he moved the furniture and allowed them in. Kasian was in the bed, covered from the neck down by a Mickey Mouse blanket. Her head was visible; her left forearm rested on her stomach. Blake Leibel stood off to the side, watching in silence.

Who is Mayhem?

Looking around at the bloody scene, the police thought it looked as though Blake had been wiping walls and moving furniture to destroy evidence. In his deposition, Det. Robert Martindale said he had never seen a crime scene quite like this one. But the look on Leibel's face was familiar.

I didn't do it. The police searched the rest of the apartment and found blood evidence throughout, including "quite a bit within two bedrooms and other locations," according to one deputy. There was one place they didn't find any: in the victim. Kasian's body had been thoroughly and deliberately emptied, or as the prosecutor would later describe it, "drained.

A day after Blake was arrested and charged with "murder, mayhem, aggravated mayhem and torture," Tenser took an elevator to see him on an upper floor reserved for the most dangerous inmates. Blake was on suicide watch.

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Tenser told him he was hiring him a good criminal attorney. Eventually, Blake fired them all. County public defender, Haydeh Takasugi, was brought in. Braun also visited. She reported to a friend afterward that Blake had scratches on his face and bruises all over his body; she surmised that he had been attacked before his arrest.

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Buccafurri tried to visit, but was arrested for violating the terms of a previous offense. Since the murder, Braun had come to see Buccafurri as dangerous and threatening, eventually cutting off contact. Braun also states that Buccafurri had become "obsessed" with her and her children.

When Braun discovered that Buccafurri had enlarged pictures of her two sons, written their names in journals and on whiteboards and followed them to their home, where she left threatening messages, she says she grew "petrified. Buccafurri maintains that she's "also a victim in all of this. Meanwhile, everyone in Blake's world was blindsided by the horror of the crime. Many had viewed him as eccentric, even slightly bipolar, like his grandmother. Though he liked the horror genre, there had been no indication that he himself was capable of violence. But sometimes I think to myself, 'Was that him just wanting to keep me around because I did so much for him?

Did he really care? It was so weird, because the person he hated the most, he was becoming. Tenser became fixated on Blake's earlier concerns about Cody's gambling debts; he was overwhelmed with suspicions. He believed Blake had been set up, framed by the Russian mafia. One night in mid-June , police surrounded Tenser's home, a semi-detached townhouse in the Fairfax district. Someone, Tenser isn't sure who, had called his father in Canada, who then called the LAPD to report that his son was behaving erratically.

Love, Loyalty & Mayhem: A Motorcycle Club Romance Anthology

It was early evening, and about a dozen cop cars came screeching to a halt outside the house. As a helicopter hovered overhead, shining a spotlight into Tenser's house, a SWAT team arrived and threatened to break down the door. Inside, Tenser was cowering in the bathtub, a white towel draped over him. One of Tenser's celebrity clients, Jack Osbourne Ozzy's son , arrived to help. After seven hours of a tense standoff, Tenser surrendered to police, who quickly released him.

Tenser returned to the FBI the next morning to see if the agency had done anything about his "life hacking" claim. They had not and recommended that he check himself into a mental hospital. His anxiety has subsided. And while he remains convinced that the police have overlooked something in Blake's case, he is realistic about his friend's situation.

One day toward the end of November at a courthouse near LAX, just past 9 a.

Book of Nahum - Wikipedia

He wore a yellow prison shirt over a set of blue long underwear and appeared considerably heavier than he does in pictures that have circulated online. His eyes were dull and vacant; he had a large bald spot on the back of his head. The judge asked Blake if he would agree to delay the trial for some unresolved procedural matters. For a time right after the arrest, there was some discussion about whether Blake could face the death penalty if convicted.

Illustrated by Leeza Hernandez. Trade Paperback. Hardcover eBook. Table of Contents Excerpt. About The Book.

Mia Mayhem Breaks Down Walls. About The Author.