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Onze keuken is van zondag tm donderdag tot Op vrijdag en zaterdag van Heerlijk gegeten en gedronken, personeel zeer vriendelijk. Echt een aanrader!!!! Zoals altijd valt over smaak te twisten maar ik vond het prima.

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De vriendelijk bediening was ook top. Gezellig gezeten, mooie start voor een avondje Amsterdam". Vermenigvuldig dat alles met goede bediening en een bijpassend glaasje wijn en de uitkomst is een toffe avond! Our team of customer support specialist is round-the-clock to response all your inquiries.

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Project Details. Looting, fires and robberies increased and spread to the rest of the cities of Chile in less than 24 hours.

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  4. Chile had a latent malaise. A little nitroglycerin, in the form of revolutionary action and anarchism on the part of the extreme Left, was enough to set things ablaze.

    REE corporate website

    It was the same thing that happened in Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina during all the strikes this year. Same pattern: assault on public transport systems in an untimely way. That is why many are still dismayed, and only now are coming to understand that the problem was greater and deeper than they had thought. What is next?

    Customer Review Snapshot

    The first thing, I think, is to take care of the institutional order and not give in to the first request made to the government. Then we need to make some deep changes in our economy and social system, strengthening social ties and granting greater social security through a system not of socialism but of subsidiarity. The fear generated by this upheaval—in the entire population, but also in the politicians—makes it easy for government officials now to approve and accept conditions that under a normal regime of order and peace would be discussed institutionally in the Chamber of Deputies.

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    We must not believe that this is, in its entirety, a manifestation of social discontent against a neoliberal system of wild capitalism. Nor must we believe the inverse, that it is an isolated action of anarchist movements.

    Meet Erika the Red: Viking women were warriors too, say scientists

    It is both: there is social discontent in the face of a development that left its middle class forgotten, and the response has focused on macroeconomic figures, technicalities, and economics rather than integral development. On the other hand, it should be added that Chile has severely neglected its intellectual growth and the cultivation of its soul. Today, there is a deep crisis and intellectual decline in Chile. Explosive development and economic stability has allowed us to lose sight of human issues such as the orientation of society toward its end, which is the common good.

    This in turn has atrophied human relationships, destroyed family and neighborhood life, uprooted people from their localities, undermined patriotism and the military, and thwarted the cultivation of arts and humanities as our universities have become factories of employees for the labor market.

    This adds a third element to the current crisis: there has developed a mentality of wanting everything, and wanting it easy. Even people who disagree with the socialist system want the free benefits that it promises. This attitude has been passed on to an entire generation, the millennials. So not only is there just and legitimate social discontent, and radical groups that want to take advantage of this, but there is also this third factor: a society decayed at the spiritual and intellectual level. What is happening in Chile—our own Red October, or nearly—is important for the American audience to understand, because you are facing the same problem.

    This is one of the reasons, little understood in Chile, why President Donald Trump was elected. I think the similarity to Chile was precisely this: a legitimate social discontent of the majority during the Obama era, and an almost absolute disconnect between the progressive liberal agenda and the real daily needs of the people. What has happened in Chile is far from being an act of rebellion or civil disobedience, understood as Locke or Tocqueville understood, because there is no rational or intellectual account motivating the agitators.

    There may be some of that in the background. But in essence it is closer to an emotional outburst, typical of dissolute societies. This does not mean that we just sit and contemplate what is going on. The battle against a faceless enemy, diluted, and intellectually decadent, is precisely the battle of ideas. You can unsubscribe anytime. Red October in Chile Pablo Maillet.

    Essay Before I go further, some history. This has not come for free.