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But, for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I want to believe in God — but like any decent person, I must keep an open mind in order to truly understand. Please explain what any of them mean, in context — or give me a reference to where they are explained internet or published book preferably. Is the old testament the word of God? Is the new testament the word of God?

Does the old testament just tell me of the evil of the world, or does it really have a message? I want to understand, but I understand by analysing facts. I really hope you can help me. If you are truly messengers of God then you will do your best to help me. You have to think that the Deuteronomy verse, about how a woman should have her hand cut off if she intervenes in a fight by grabbing the testicles of the man fighting her husband, is a situation that actually happened to the person who wrote the verse.

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I mean, why else would anyone write that? There are a few things I would like to address here. Things that a lot of people tend to forget.

One, regardless of whether anyone believes in the bible or not, is gay, of another religion,etc…never forget the words of Jesus himself, who when asked by the pharisees which commandment was most important, and to which he replied.. We were also told to love our enemies, which tells me that whether or not god agrees with homosexuality, I am to treat a gay person with love and respect.

Jesus also said that before we judge others, we are to look at ourselves and clean up our own lives, hence let he who is without sin throw the first stone. As far as the man claiming we can never know the mind of god, sorry, jesus knew the mind of god, and he states himself that all of the things he has done, you shall be able to do and more.

Unseen Warfare Book One· Orthodox River

Marching against abortion clinics, persecuting gays, does nothing but stand between them and a personal relationship with their creator, because lets think about it people, are these people really going to give a crap about god, the bible, etc, if his followers do these things? Jesus dined with harlots, romans, tax collectors, etc, and when asked he said, because these are the people that need saving. The only people he judged were the know it all zealots, who were doing silly things in the name of god, which is a lot of what religious protestors are doing now.

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I believe in god, but I would never dare claim to speak for him, or judge another of his creations because I am not perfect myself. Here is bit of an objective look at the whole religion thing…. Hmmm yeah killing babies and destroying villages because they worship another god i thought jealousy was included as one of the deadly sins is in the bible but we just ignore this one because it doesnt pertain to modern society…you do know that if you keep going down that road you will eventually end up with no verses what so ever?

Enjoy your life, cherish your beliefs i give you that right because i am a compassionate, understanding, and open being just i dont know treat others the way you wish to be treated and let others believe what they want…i mean it doesnt affect you and your not going to go to hell for it right? The same thing that Satan did, rebel against God,started to procreate as he was aware of the plan. So what is the lesson? What you will notice is a real lack of an intelligent response from all the Christians on this topic.

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The verses that brought up are all valid points and are not taken out of context. They are whole and sometimes very long verses. If that were the case then why have verses in the bible at all.

So these are certainly sad responses to what has been brought up by the original author, Chuck and others. Now they want you to read it every day… What has changed??? So we question things and like real responses. Well guess what people it is bad! And to someone with real reasoning skills will not accept a half backed response or explaination.

Did Jesus go on a crusade like this? Hell no! Sure there are a lot of good law abiding citizens and church members full of faith and love and peace! But do you need a Holy Bible or a jealous God to be a good person? And if God were real why would he allow his word and the organizations that follow him to be so corrupted by man and his agendas? Or have so many different denominations that all claim to be the way to Heaven and to God!? Why with his mighty powers would he not be able to keep his flock in line!?

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  7. But if you need God in your life in order to be an outstanding member of your community then good for you and good for your neighbor. As long as your not spreading hate or evil in this world by the teachings of God then there is nothing wrong with allowing an imaginary being to guide your life through this world. Just remember if you pay your paperboy to deliver you the newspaper on Sunday morning your not following the ten commandments that you and your servants are not to work on the Sabbath day.

    Many of the stories included are there to attest to the nature of God in one way or another. Pray for an open mind and heart, and try reading the Book with the intentions of understanding rather than criticizing it. He did this while creating a concordance of the Latin Vulgate, in order to help people look up verses of the Bible. But the typical modern chapter divisions were apparently devised by Stephen Langton, who was an Archbishop of Canterbury in England. He started to do this around A. The Wycliffe English Bible did use them, as it was circulated in There are definitely Christians who abuse the Bible to satisfy their personal agendas.

    Bad things that happen are a result of the world we live in. The two witnesses are the moon and venus as per Revelations Revelation chapter 1 — Is about the influence and movements of Jupiter through this time Revelation chapter 12 — Is about the movements of Venus during this time Revelation chapter 11 — Is the proof that no matter where you are on this planet, you will see this! Makes sense! Note that Venus is about the same size as Earth and is in retrograde, appears to go backwards.

    This is rare and hence this is pivotal! Thank you for listing the place in the bible that I heard this story, it is what I have been looking for, for that chapter contains our action plan, whether you decide to believe it or not.

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    We have got a beautiful dual meaning book within the bible, a straight forward Astronomy book, which includes references to disasters which are to come both astronomically, socially, politically and geographically. Jesus was most certainly a gift in many ways! Kingdom of the Gospel, behold the birds in the sky… behold the planets in the skies. This is the most profound book I have ever read and the most honest. I will follow this blessed books instructions to the very end in complete faith, wisdom and understanding. Most of these verses are not being explained by the believers.

    Why is that. Its cauuse they cant. I do not have time just to write a big explanation of them all but if there is one in particular you would like explained — ask and I will answer when I get a moment. What relevance does the Bible have today…only as a warning of the kind of madness that inspired Peace be with you. We were created equal and the sad thing is, is that sometimes when people disagree we stab equality and love in the back..

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    Think about it. I am really proud of the person who posted this because they are expressing something they have strong feeling about-so let them. We are human beings. Please, take time to cool tempers before answering just to prove somebody else wrong. Good day.

    Josh I find it interesting that you assume you know the beliefs of those who disagree with your viewpoint. Want to see what the god of the Bible really can do? Read the book of Job. His friends also turned against him. One of the most horrible stories in the bible!

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    Mark In the middle of the night a young man a follower of Jesus got up quickly without putting his clothes on. He had to be in a hurry if all he had time to do was throw his linen bedsheet around him. So he must have caught wind of the guards going out to arrest Jesus. When the guards arrested Jesus they also tried to get some of the other followers. They grabbed hold of the young mans clothing but because it was just wrapped around him it quickly came off.

    She longs for the men who had large penises hung like a horse or donkey and their large amount of semen they produced.