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It consists of 42 works, which have been chosen subject to their availability in both the original and in the Polish and English translation. However, fortunately quite a few translators are known, and some of them occur several times in the corpus.

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The majority of the translators are from the beginnings of the 20 th century, but still quite a few are the contemporary ones. I have chosen this corpus because I wanted to examine the effects of translation on the stylistic properties of the text, and I wanted to compare the translations into different languages, of which one would be significantly more similar to the source language than the other.

On the other hand, Polish language is further away typologically from either French or English. Therefore, I expected to find more similarities in the analysis of the French and English, and stronger differences between them and the Polish language versions, which could perhaps also indicate the stronger influence of the translator on the text in the target language that is less similar to the source. Those differences would show in the way that the works by the same author are or are not grouped together in the languages analysed.

This relies on the fact that the stylometric analysis is generally very efficient in grouping the works of the same author together. What is even more interesting, this effect is generally maintained in the translations of those works. However, I was hoping that some small differences would emerge, and they could be more informative if compared over different languages.

Some hypotheses can also be proposed concerning the shape of the French network. Because the writers I have chosen represent various literary genres, we would expect that the authors of the similar genre will tend to cluster together, for example the ones that wrote historical fiction such as Hugo and Dumas , and the more experimental ones Flaubert, Zola, Proust will perhaps tend to drift apart from them. Because Verne is the only author who has written adventure novels, he will stand apart, although probably closer to the historical fiction, since both genres could be said to rely on a similar way of narrating the stories.

Publication date. Balzac, Honore de. Le Colonel Chabert. Oueen Margot La Reine Margot.

Francophones of bookit, what are some must read french books that aren't *too* difficult?

The Black Tulip La Tulipe noire. Flaubert, Gustave.

DUMAS, Alexandre – Vingt Ans Après Chap 41 à 50 ... Livre Audio Francais

Madame Bovary. Sentimental Education. France, Anatole. Les dieux ont soif The Gods Are Athirst. Hugo, Victor. Notre-Dame de Paris. Les Travailleurs de la Mer Toillers of the Sea. Quatrevingt-treize Ninety-Three. Proust, Marcel. Sue, Eugene.

Alexandre Dumas Facts

Verne, Jules. Journey to the Center of the Earth Voyage au centre de la Terre. The Blockade Runners Les Forceurs de blocus. Around the Moon Autour de la Lune. The Fur Country Le Pays des fourrures. The Lottery Ticket Un Billet de loterie. Zola, Emile. The analyses have been conducted in the free software environment R [1] , using the package of stylometric tools stylo [2].

The stylo function has been used to conduct the cluster analysis and to produce bootstrap consensus trees. What do we love? Intersubjectivity Vol. Yes, but is it performable? The only performances that make it all the way Wolfgang Tillmans, Brigitte Oetker Eds. What Is Different? Jahresring 64 Pierre Bal-Blanc Ed. Daniel S.

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Berger, John Neff Eds. Was ist anders? When Is the Digital in Architecture? EP Vol. Dysfunctional Comedy A Reader Apple.

Mœbius Œuvres : The Long Tomorrow USA

What Ever Happened to New Institutionalism? My main research interests, teaching responsibilities and publications are in the domain of the postcolonial literatures and cinema from France, represented mostly by immigration from North- and subSaharan Africa. An area of global transit for postcolonial subjects and cross-cultural encounters, the literatures and cultures of im migration and exile include all sorts of practices that modify 21st-century France as well as the diverse cultures of the Francophone world.

Autour du roman beur.

I have also edited two volumes of articles by international scholars. My contribution is a substantial introduction and complete bio-bibliography. Because migrations are at the crossroads of global and specific historical and linguistic situations, past and future imaginations of France and the French-speaking world are present in all my courses. I regularly teach "Quebecois literature", that focuses on the culture, literature and cinema of Quebec, and courses on Translation and Comparative Stylistics. I work with students and colleagues in France and other Francophone countries.