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Learn writing secrets from a pro!
  1. How to Become a Pro at Essay Writing in 6 Easy Steps | Top Universities
  2. Expressing Ourselves Well Through the Written Word
  3. How to Become a Pro at Essay Writing in 6 Easy Steps
  4. Don’t keep putting it off

This is one of the greatest lessons a communicator or teacher can learn. I explain how to do something and the questions I get in response are about some minor point right at the beginning. Great post! Love the breakdown. I would add also to really relax. Trust yourself that if you know what you are writing about, you can put it on paper no problem. I think one of the writing pitfalls that I encounter often is having a tendency to repeat my point in slightly different wording throughout my writing. This may be a benefit when done in the right way, though, because of the familiarity effect.

Great post Jeff! I think I struggle most with 6. Very interesting article. You never know, it could be the key ingredient you were looking for. One tip I was given to help catch errors is to read backwards.

You can catch misspelled words or improper usage this way because your mind cannot insert the correct word automatically. Thanks for this post.

How to Become a Pro at Essay Writing in 6 Easy Steps | Top Universities

I needed it! These are great and I totally agree with you Jeff. One that came to mind later. Deal with a subject that you know. Thanks for the good post! Oh yeah, I love the new look.

5 tips to improve your writing

When might it be available? This is a great list for improving your writing! One tip I like to use is to read my writing out loud. Great list. This is great advice. I could have used it about ten years ago but it serves me well none the less. I often have a critical first response to posts.

Expressing Ourselves Well Through the Written Word

Hi Jeff, Learning how to not sound stupid in your writing is a process! Thanks for the evergreen tips. Come on. They write a sentence is discombobulated in some way and makes no sense, and no editor calls him or her on it. And bloggers are the worst offenders — almost none of them employ editors on a regular basis and they ALL have errors in every single one of their blogs.

I see every one of your mistakes, Jeff. Do I call you stupid? Do I call you lazy and impatient?

  1. Generate More Ideas and Learn How to Write Faster?
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  4. Step I. Understand the principles of deliberate practice.

Please please please, walk the walk. Get an editor. You need one when you write as much as you do, Jeff. Hey Dana. I think you missed the point. A pro deals with her imperfections by educating herself, avoiding errors though not being immune to them , surrounding herself with people who will hold her accountable to excellence, and continuing to persevere.

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  • Am I perfect? By no means. I do have an editor and have used many in the past, even for some blog posts to get feedback and articles, but always for books. Perfection is not the point; perseverance is. You are correct that a writer should know what she is writing about before she writes. However, if a writer is serious about a subject that she finds fascinating, there is a way to get ready to write about it: research.

    When I felt strongly about some cultural issues, I started to write about them, but when I did the preparation you discuss in this post, I realized I lacked substance.

    How to Become a Pro at Essay Writing in 6 Easy Steps

    I had a strong view to express, but I did not have the sort of factual foundation that would give my view some weight and value. I started reading everything I could find on my subject. I discovered new subjects and new ideas and new views that were totally unfamiliar. If I had tried to talk about my subject when I first felt convicted to speak, I would have looked ridiculous. I did the research, and I even found a free online class for journalists that helped me do more research.

    Now I write with confidence, and the increase in my readers testifies that it was completely worthwhile to take the time to learn my subject. There is no reason to give up on a great subject because of ignorance. The cure for ignorance is research and study.

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    Goins, You were even brilliant three years ago. Nice post. I will give this post to Pooh to read as well. He needs help with his writing. I am, after all, only the typist. Well thanks, Pamela. Hi Jeff, thanks. I read my blog on video, and watch myself. It works for me! I also let bloggers know if I see a typo in their work, I certainly would appreciate that type of suggestion. Sometimes the typo remains. Thank You! Then I read it later and wonder who in the heck I was talking to. Thanks, Jeff! Clean and fresh, but also fun!

    Global Leadership Programme

    Sort of like a cute puppy, fresh out of the bathtub and rolling all over the carpet. Nice choice! Can I get that email too? It showed up in mine as well…. I learned to allow myself developping my own drafts in life and writing. Developping ones draft in a word means dreaming real to me. I wanted to let you know I appreciate your work, thanks for sharing. That video was hilarious but so true! Although I think I over proof read sometimes that by my last re-read, my entire piece sounds totally different.

    Yours truly, former copy editor turned blogger. These are great Jeff, I took notes.

    Don’t keep putting it off

    When I read this yesterday and saw all those funny characters, I thought it was intentional reinforcement to prove your points. It served a purpose and left a valuable impression! I am a teenager! I have too many first drafts lying around… must get around to editing them soon! I was in tears but fortunately my teacher let me turn it in late.

    I learned the hard way…never trust anyone to do my typing! Great suggestions here! I would add one more, expanding on your number 6 — avoid stall-tactic cliches. Cliche-phrases will diminish your message, whereas a pause may strengthen it. Keep the great advice coming! Good stuff, Jeff. I will earmark this…. Language and sincerity are important there, too! Regardless of whether a film is a spoiled tomato or a splendid show-stopper, if individuals are watching it, it merits scrutinizing.

    It is amazing the blunders that come to light when you do that.